Return of the Porridge Cannon

Good day haggis fans.

The porridge cannon is one of three towers the player gains access to in the tutorial level. Players of the first game will be familiar with the porridge cannon. There are twelve towers in World Tour, which are broken into two categories: Scottish towers, which are from the original game, and Foreign Towers, which are new towers that the Scotsmen steal from the lands they vanquish. The Scottish towers can be unlocked at any point in the game using money the player has earned playing the levels (with the exception of the Towers that the player begins with). The foreign towers become available at specific points during the game.

The porridge cannon fires a scattergun blast of hot porridge. The closer the enemy is, the more of the porridge is likely to hit them, so the more damage it can do. It is also perfect for firing at groups of enemies where it can damage multiple foes in one shot.

Technology has progressed since the first game, with the cannon now having an automatic reloading mechanism, consisting of a drum of industrial grade porridge suspended over a hatch in the barrel. After each shot, the hatch automatically opens, and the drum empties a measured amount of porridge into the chamber.

The porridge cannon is heavy, and slow to rotate to face new targets. It is therefore most suited to defending narrow areas, rather than a wide field. The porridge cannon can fire further than a Scotsman can throw, but it does less damage the further away the target is. It also provides less cover than Scotsmen can achieve using cover objects in the level, or some of the other towers. It is particularly vulnerable to attacks from the left because of the users firing position. A wise Scotsman will have to take these things into account when placing their porridge cannons.