"Terrible news laddie. I've just heard that the Irish, Welsh and English have invaded Scotland."

Upon hearing these words, humble Scottish barkeeper Alfredo's life would change forever. Thrust into the responsibility of protecting his pub from the imminent British invasion, Alfredo rallies the help of the local Scotsmen to fight off the aggressors.

A vicious fight follows, and when the porridge settles, Alfredo and his Scotsmen are victorious.


However, the British invaders still wreak havoc throughout the rest of the highlands, subjugating innocent Scottish folk and forcing them to consume tea and scones instead of whisky and Haggis. Scotland needs a savior, and Alfredo might just be the man of the hour.

You must take control of Alfredo's band of Scotsmen, and fight the invaders, from the highland villages of Scotland to the shores of England. Make use of traditional Scottish weaponry, from the golf club to the high velocity porridge bowl, as well as a technologically advanced arsenal of turnip turrets and bagpipe artillery.

But winning won't be quite as simple as flattening your enemies with a cheese wheel. A Scotsman can't fight on whisky alone, and porridge stockpiles are running low. You'll have to capture oat farms and defend them at all costs - if you run out of porridge, your men will desert you. 

Even still, you'll have to carefully balance your recruitment to make sure you don't have more men than you can feed, while still maintaining a large enough force to man your defences

Freeing Scotland will be no walk in the glen. Only a true Scotsman will be able to stand up to the combined might of the English, Irish and Welsh.

Do you have what it takes to Defend the Highlands?

Defend the Highlands is available now from Steam: