The Four Scotsmen of the Apocalypse

Good day to you all. It's time I introduced you to the stars of the game. The Scotsmen:

Scotsmen are the core unit in the game. They fight, build, harvest oats, operate towers and the Kilt-Lift-O-Matic, and willingly lay down their lives to defend their right to construct haggis factories in foreign countries without permission from the local authorities.

I've made the four models so far, but I'll probably do more for some extra variety (and if anyone has any suggestions for additional Scotsman models, I'd love to hear them). The model types will all function the same in game, so the differences will be purely aesthetic. When you recruit a new Scotsman the game will randomly pick which model to use.

Scotsmen fight by throwing bowls of porridge, and fighting with their fists against enemies that come too close. They can use cover to protect themselves from enemy projectiles. Their fighting skills are average all round, but they become much more specialise when they are assigned to operate a tower. For example, when operating the Golf Clubs tower, they can hit a golf ball very far and accurately, but not as rapidly as they can throw porridge bowls. The Fondue hose one the other hand has a shorter range, but absolutely slaughters any enemies that get close.