Warriors of Egypt

As the Scotsmen blaze their way across Egypt, the Egyptians realize that they must find another way to repel the invasion. So using dark ancient sorcery, they bring their ancient dead back to life, leaving the Scotsmen to fight a horde of undead mummies. To make matters worse, bands of desert tribesmen have ridden their camels to the Egyptians' aid. These are two enemies not to take lightly.

Already having died once, the mummy is incredibly difficult to kill a second time. They have the highest health of any non-boss character, and are powerful attackers. But they are also one of the slowest enemies, and not cheap either. Their massive health enables them to soak up a lot of damage, drawing fire away from lighter enemies. They can be effectively defeated with the fondue hose or a point blank blast of the porridge cannon, or with the haggis catapult. Other weapons will take a lot longer to bring them down.

Desert tribesmen combine speed with a rapid fire attack, making them extremely deadly. They can easily close in on unguarded farmers or vulnerable towers and take them out with their AK-47. Against anything not well covered they can win hands down. However, their shots aren't very accurate, and the direct trajectory of gun weapons make them ineffective against units in cover. They are also a large target, making them easy to hit even with inaccurate weapons. This is one enemy where a plain old Scotsman behind a barricade is an effective counter.