Valley of Kings

Valley of Kings is the third Egyptian map. The Scotsmen barricade themselves inside the ancient Temple of Hatshepsut, where a haggis factory has recently been completed. Angry at having their ancient tomb defiled, the Egyptians launch a vicious assault, joined by the mummy and desert tribesman, who make their debut in this level.

The player starts in a very good position, with only one narrow doorway giving the enemies access to the inside of the temple. Beyond that is a single ramp leading to the upper level, which will be a very effective defensive point. However, only two oat fields are accessible from here. To gain the second two, the player will have to move onto the second level. The second level is still reasonably defensible, although it has three access points (the middle ramp, a stairway on the right, and the encroaching sand dune on the left). The final two oat fields are on the ground to the right of the temple, and will be more difficult to defend.