Multiplayer Update Coming Soon

Greetings fellow Scotsmen and Scotswomen. Here's one for you: What could be more fun than guzzling whisky, throwing porridge and blowing up haggis?

It's a tricky one for sure, but the answer of course is guzzling whisky, throwing porridge and blowing up haggis with friends.

Until now, it's been a dream for many a Scot, but soon, that dream will become a reality. We've been hard at work on the co-op multiplayer game mode, and can announce that multiplayer will be available on July 12.

Co-op multiplayer matches will work in much the same manner as a regular skirmish game, so any true Scotsman should feel right at home. The only difference is that there will be Scotsmen of two different clans taking the field together, represented by two different tartan color schemes. Working together, the two clans will share their porridge stockpile and money, but independently control their troops.

Using the chat window, players can discuss and plan strategies that would make William Wallace proud. Perhaps one player will man the frontline while the other manages the economy and the long ranged combat, or perhaps each player will focus on a separate flank. That's up to you to decide.

Matches can be browsed, joined or hosted in the multiplayer lobby, and can be open, or password protected, in case you want to make sure only true Scotsmen can join. Both standard and last stand game modes are supported, so whether you're after a carefully orchestrated defence, or an all out slaughter fest, you'll find what you're looking for.

So if any of you need an excuse to get your friends playing, here it is (as if you'd need an excuse). Incidentally, the game's 15% off until July 6, so don't wait.