The Scotsmen Arrive in Japan

Having conquered Australia, the Scotsmen travel North, to Japan. It is a harsh land for a Scotsman, where haggis ingredients are scarce. However, Scotsmen are resilient, and have managed to establish four haggis factories here.

The first of these factories is at the top of a field of terraced rice paddies, where the operators have been attempting to replace the rice crop with oats. This has of course angered the locals, meaning the factory workers will need the help of Alfredo to defend the fruits of their labour.

Fortunately, the haggis factory is on high ground, with only two narrow roads leading up from the lower terraces, providing a strong, natural defensive position to start with, and if necessary, to fall back on. What's more, in order to reach the player, the Japanese aggressors will need to cross the shallow river at the bottom of the valley, where they will be at a large elevation disadvantage. The terraces provide excellent positions to place towers where they will be protected from melee enemies by the cliffs. However, the terraces on the opposite side of the river also give ranged enemies good vantage points to attack Scotsmen at the bottom of the valley. The oat fields are spread down the slope, so the more oats the player wants, the further they will have to descend into the valley, making themselves easier targets.