Drop Bears

G'day mates. As everyone knows, Australia is full of poisonous snakes, giant spiders, and all manner of critters that want to kill you. None of them however, are as feared as the dreaded drop bear.

Drop bears live in the Australian bush, and ambush their prey by leaping from trees onto unsuspecting animals and tourists who walk underneath, and savaging them with their razor sharp claws and fangs.

Normally drop bears don't attack Australians, due to the scent of Vegemite, which deters them. With a little Scottish ingenuity however, these fearsome creatures can be retrained to be deterred by the smell of haggis instead, making them a great addition to the Scottish arsenal.

Each drop bear nest the player builds contains one drop bear, which will automatically leap onto enemies who walk within its attack radius. It kills any enemy instantly, making it perfect for taking out strong, expensive enemies. However, its slow attack rate means it is poor at fighting off multiple enemies attacking the nest at the same time, so can easily fall to groups of cheap, weak enemies. Its attack rate can be upgraded to help counter this, but it still should not be placed in areas where it can easily be swamped.

Unlike other towers, Drop Bear nests don't require a Scotsman to operate them, making them a perfect way to beef up your defences without needing to increase your population. This also means that you don't have to worry about the operator being killed by ranged attacks.