Aussie Outback

What ho? I must apologise for missing last weeks blog post, as I was busy preparing to move house soon. But I'm back now, with the final Australian map, the Outback, where a group of haggis factory workers have been stranded for weeks while hostile Australians surrounded them. But here comes Alfredo and his companions to the rescue.

This map is characterised by the central gorge, surrounded by arid desert. The player starts between two waterfalls that lead into the gorge, with two oat fields immediately available. On the far side of each waterfall is another oat field, which is more in the open. The final two oat fields are at the bottom of the gorge. Any Scotsmen down there will be sitting ducks to enemies on the cliff tops, so the player will need to secure the high ground on either side before they can safely take these two oat fields. Enemies spawn from the North of the map, on either side of the gorge, and from the bottom of the gorge.

Oh, and also, I've updated my social media assets with new World Tour artwork. Check out the new headers on and