Pharaoh Khufu

Guid mornin lads and lasses. We're quickly heading back to Egypt today, because I forgot to talk about the Egyptian boss, Pharaoh Khufu. And when I say forgot, I mean I hadn't finished him yet. But here he is, in all his Egyptiany glory.

Khufu is often regarded as the most evil of Egyptian Pharaohs, and was responsible for overseeing the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. As everyone knows, Pharaohs carried magical sceptres to wield the power of the gods, and Khufu is no exception. His staff allows him to incinerate Scotsmen with balls of fire that explode on impact. The splash damage makes him particularly deadly against groups of Scotsmen, and allows him to damage Scotsmen behind thin cover. This deadly attack does however come at the expense of a longer reload time than most bosses. This along with his lower health makes him more susceptible to attack by charging at him with Scotsmen, a tactic that with most other bosses would result in a lot of dead Scotsmen.