Ned Kelly

Whatto folks. It's been quite a busy week with non-game related stuff, so just a quick one today, showcasing the Australian boss. So without further ado, Australia's most well known outlaw, Ned Kelly.

With his makeshift steel armour, he is the hardest to kill of all the boss characters, boasting a health stat double that of Napoleon (the boss with the next highest health). Along with his long range and accuracy, this makes him essentially a beefed up version of the Outback Aussie. The player will need a strong defensive line of Scotsmen behind oat bag barricades to hold him in position long enough to whittle his health down using long ranged towers (preferably haggis catapults, as golf clubs will take a long time to kill him with their lower damage). Or perhaps they could take advantage of the limitation of his attack requiring line of sight to draw him into an ambush using the secret Australian tower… More on that another time.