Aussie Reinforcements

Realizing that their army of kangaroo riders and budgie smugglers were not enough to repel the Scottish invasion, the Australians needed a new plan. So they called in reinforcements from the bush, and gathered their football teams together to form a new force of defenders.

The outback Aussie hails from central Australia. With an aim honed from many years spent hunting crocodiles, he is easily able to gun down unprotected Scotsmen from afar. He excels at taking out fondue hoses, porridge cannons, and other lightly protected towers, making it imperative that these are placed carefully so as not to leave them open to attack. With their long range, they can continue firing off volleys at your frontline without repercussions, unless you have long range support from haggis catapults and golf clubs. Fortunately, they do fall easily to these towers, and with their slow rate of fire, the damage they do can be limited if countered well.

The AFL Player is another enemy that out-ranges Scotsmen, but only by a little, meaning tactical use of elevation can put a Scotsman's range higher. They also don't fire as far as the porridge cannon and turnip turret, making them a little easier to counter than the Outback Aussie. Their main strength is that they always fire in a 45 degree angle arc. This means that they are able to attack without line of sight, and makes them more effective against Scotsmen behind cover. On the other hand, they aren't very accurate, so they don't pose as much of a threat to Scotsmen in the open.