The Beach

Everyone knows Australians love the beach, so it should come as no surprise that they should object to having a haggis factory constructed on their pristine white sands. Angry at this imposition, they have come to tear it down, and murder the Scotsmen responsible. Luckily, Alfredo comes to the rescue.

Perched on the cliffs overlooking the beach, the Haggis factory is in an easily defended location. However, the Scotsmen will need to venture down towards the water if they want to be able to harvest the majority of the oats on the map.

All the enemies in this map come from the sea on boats, so the player will be able to make good use of the cliffs to position towers to strike the enemy as they disembark and make their way up the beach. The paths between the cliffs funnel the enemies into narrow areas where the player can ambush them, if they manage to take control of the beach, although this strategy should be used as a last resort since it means sacrificing the two oat fields on the beach.

In other news, I've implemented the last stand skirmish game mode, squashed a bunch of bugs, and been chipping away at the voice script. Well, back to it.