Sydney Harbour

The Scotsmen make their first landing on the Australian mainland at Sydney harbour. Here the local Scottish community have been having trouble, with the Australians wanting to tear down their newly built haggis factory, claiming it's blocking traffic on the Sydney harbour Bridge. Luckily for them, Alfredo has come to the rescue.

In this level the player will have to contend with enemies arriving by boat, as well as enemies coming across the bridge, where they have a direct route to the haggis factory. Fortunately the pile-up of cars on the bridge provides good cover for the Scottish defenders. The high retaining walls also make for a good vantage point to pick off enemies arriving by boat, although the player will have to venture down to the beaches if they want to hold several of the map's oat fields.

This level also introduces the Australian hero character, Sir Donald Bradman. His skill with a cricket bat enables him to deflect any projectiles that come his way. Putting him next to, or in front of other hero characters can be a useful tactic, as he can protect them from incoming projectiles too. He can even reflect projectiles at nearby enemies to do additional damage. Of course, his cricket bat also makes a deadly weapon when it comes to close combat. However, he isn't quite fast enough to block bullets, so he should still be kept in cover when possible.