As the Scotsmen head further into Japan, they come across a secluded temple hidden in the mountains. The temple hadn't been used for decades, so some Scottish tourists had set up a haggis factory there. Unfortunately, the Japanese people unreasonably decided they wanted to tear it down. Luckily, Alfredo arrives just in time to defend it.

The player starts in a good defensive position atop a cliff, although they will have to venture down into the lower part of the temple complex to harvest more oats. Enemies spawn in the low lying forest surrounding the temple, and will have to attack uphill. The pathway up to the starting position provides a good opportunity for a staged withdrawal if needed.

Here the Scotsmen also encounter Buddha (Yes, I know buddha wasn't Japanese, but he was visiting a Buddhist temple or something). Seeing the persecution of the Scottish people, Buddha agrees to help Alfredo on his mission. However, as a pacifist he cannot attack, but will gradually heal any units within a short distance from himself, making him very useful on long battles if he can be kept protected.

Also this week I've made all of the Steam Achievements and the corresponding icons. Here's an amusing sample.