Mt Fuji and That

Mt Fuji is an active volcano, and a location of important cultural significance to the Japanese people. It is also the location of Japan's third haggis factory, which is in dire need of protection.

Alfredo and his band of Scotsmen arrive just in time to find the mountain under assault by two new enemies, the Samurai, and the Geisha, who are intent on restoring their natural monument to its natural, haggis free state. They must be stopped.

The samurai is one of the most deadly enemies in the game, possessing both high speed and attack strength. They can easily close in on poorly defended areas and wreak havoc before they can be stopped, despite their mediocre health. Fortunately, they cost the enemy a lot of recruitment points to send in, so you shouldn't see them too often.

The geisha is slow and graceful in her movements, but makes up for it with her scalding cups of tea, which cause splash damage. She is particularly good at taking out whisky bars, since the splash damage negates the cover of the bar, and she doesn't have to get close enough to take damage. Unlike the teapot throwing Englishman in the previous game, she doesn't lift bro, so she can't throw very far, having a range a little shorter than a Scotsman, so she can be dealt with using the default porridge throwing attack. Her slow speed also makes her very vulnerable to haggis catapults and golf tees.