Fukushima and Shrines

Phew, I managed to survive two weeks with almost no internet, and am now set up in the new house. So without further ado, on to the belated next dev-log post.

The Scotsmen are almost ready to leave Japan when they receive a distress call from the haggis factory in tsunami-ravaged Fukushima. Of all the buildings in Fukushima, the local haggis factory was the only one to survive the tsunami. Now, the survivors have banded together to bring it down, jealous that the Scottish building should stand while their homes were destroyed.

The haggis factory stands on a hill overlooking the flooded town. All enemies arrive by boat and have to make their way through the shallow water, where they will be vulnerable to attacks from the hill. However, the player will need to send men down into the town to capture and defend the oat fields that grow on sand patches scattered throughout the town.

The shrine, which becomes available for the player to unlock after completing the first Japanese level, is a healing tower. Any unit standing within its healing radius will have their health slowly recovered over time, making it useful for keeping hero characters alive, particularly in long matches. It is quite expensive however, so the player will want to make sure they have an area well under control before placing it so it doesn't end up getting destroyed.