The French

The French were bound to oppose the construction of Haggis factories in their country. With their proud culinary heritage, they simply could not stand to have foodstuffs not containing frogs or snails manufactured under their very noses.

The first enemies the player encounters in the game are the Frenchman and French Woman.

The French man charges at the Scotsmen, wielding an oversized baguette. He is fast, and attacks rapidly. Fortunately, he is quite weak, and a baguette can only do so much damage, but they can easily overwhelm the Scotsmen with numbers.

The French Woman is quite slow (Moving via a seductive walk). However, unlike the French man, she can attack at range, using her cigarette holder as a blowgun to fire cigarettes at the Scotsmen. This is quite damaging, but fortunately, she can't attack very fast, and will quickly perish under a hail of porridge.

There will be another two enemies the player encounters in France, as well as the French Boss, Napoleon Bonaparte, which I'll cover another time.