The Battle of Agincourt

The first level in the game (which is a tutorial level) takes place on the field of Agincourt, where the French suffered one of their worst defeats during the hundred years war, and where they are soon to suffer their first defeat at the hands of the Scots.

The tutorial introduces the player to farming, building, recruiting, using cover and towers, and tactics.

Agincourt is a simple map, which gives the player plenty of advantages while they learn how to play. The player begins on the high ground, surrounded by the remnants of the English defences from the battle, providing them with good defences to begin with. The player can either stay within the defences, allowing themselves to hold three of the six oat fields, or they can advance forward in order to hold all six, at the expense of not having as much cover.

The battlefield is flanked by wooded hills, so that the enemy can only attack head on by crossing the large, open field, where they can be easily picked off at range.

The player gains access to the oat bag barricade, porridge cannon and golf clubs as they progress through the tutorial, and they will also encounter the first two enemies, the French woman who attacks by firing cigarettes from her cigarette holder like a blowgun, and the Frenchman, who wields a baguette.