Alfredo - Leader of Scotsmen

Hello Scotsmen (and other people).

The famous Alfredo returns to lead the Scots to war once again. Not content with a simple life of serving whisky, while Scotsmen around the world suffer in a state of chronic haggis deprivation, Alfredo has taken up the broken bottle and porridge bowl once more, to fight for what he believes in.

Though he has aged since the last game, the years have not dimmed Alfredo's fighting spirit. Unusually however, they have made him better looking (if I do say so myself) Here's a before and after picture to give you an idea.

Although I've got a lot more characters to make for this game, I intend to put more effort into each one, since the character modelling was one of the common criticisms of the first game. (Notice the painstaking work of drawing individual body hairs :P) Critiques are welcome of course.

Alfredo is the first of 7 hero characters in the game, and the only one the player has from the beginning of the game. Like in the first game, Alfredo must survive each level, making his protection one of the players' highest priorities. He is a good all-round fighter, using whisky bottles as a weapon for throwing, and smashing over enemies' heads.

Unlike in the previous games, hero characters is World Tour can use towers, making them more versatile than before. Of course, with their superior combat abilities, the player will have to decide when it's worth having them use towers instead of their own attacks.