Joan of Arc

"Viva la Scotland", as the traditional French saying goes.

Joan of Arc is the first foreign hero to join the Scotsmen's cause. After seeing how the Scots defeated the hated English, she vows to aid the Scotsmen to bring their superior culture to the world, even if it means going up against the modern French people.

She joins the Scotsmen in the second level, Eiffel Tower, when the French unreasonably object to the plan to build a haggis factory in front of their country's most iconic building.

Joan of Arc's sword gives her high melee damage, and her armour means she has the highest health of all the game's hero characters. However, her knife throwing ranged attack is not as effective, with shorter range than the rest of the heroes. This makes her best suited to close quarters fighting and holding the front line against melee enemies, similar to the role William Wallace played in the first game.