Fondue Hose

In Defend the Highlands World Tour, the Scotsmen gain access to a new foreign tower in every country they visit. In France, they unlock the first foreign tower, the Fondue Hose.

The Fondue hose is essentially a fire hose that has been converted to spray delicious, but blisteringly hot melted cheese over nearby enemies. It can sustain a constant stream, enabling it to continuously take down enemies, and is particularly deadly against tight groups of enemies. Against melee attackers, it is the most powerful tower in the game.

However, it is very expensive, and is out-ranged by nearly all ranged enemies, and because it provides no cover, the user is extremely vulnerable. To be used effectively, it should be placed in a sheltered spot that requires enemies to get very close before they can attack it.

Because of its great power, but great weaknesses, the fondue hose is a tower that requires plenty of forethought to use effectively.