Your Mother was a Hamster

As the Scotsmen make their way deeper into France, they encounter some of its medieval inhabitants. The Knight and the Monk make their first appearance in Level 3, Le Chateau De Ponce, and old abandoned French castle.

The French knight charges in, wielding insults along with their sword (as everyone knows French knights do). They are difficult to kill, but not the fastest enemy, and quite expensive, so you shouldn't have to deal with them in the same number as the cheaper enemies.

The monk moves slowly, preoccupied with hitting themselves in the head with planks of wood. They are therefore quite easy to dispatch before they get close enough to do any damage. However, if they do manage to get into range, they unleash a rapid fire barrage of holy crosses, which they throw in an arc, enabling them to easily hit units behind cover (Imagine a Christian hammer bro).