The Eiffel Tower

After their victory atAgincourt, the Scotsmen head for the French capital to establish their next haggis factory. And where better than right in front of the Eiffel tower. What possible objection could the French have to that?

They do object however, and the surrounding parklands soon become a site of oat fuelled carnage, as porridge bowls and breadsticks replace words.

Unlike in the first level, the Scotsmen will face attacks from two sides. Enemies will spawn in the bushes along the South end of the map, and on the bridge and the two road exits on the north of the map. To the North are two oat fields, on either side of the Eiffel tower. They will be the hardest to hold because of their openness, so the player will need to choose when its worth trying to hold a wider front, and when its better to sacrifice these two fields in order to funnel all the enemies coming from the north into a narrow killing zone between the tower and factory.

There are four fields to the south of the factory. The inner two will be the easiest to hold, being in the easily defended area between the factory and the pool. The outer two will require a bit more work to defend, being closer to the enemy spawn zones and more open.

There are some cars on the road which provide good cover for the Scotsmen, which are well placed to Defend from enemies coming from the North, until the player has enough men to push forward to capture the Northern oat fields. There are also some park benches which provide cover for Scotsmen defending the four closer oat fields, although the cover they provide is somewhat mediocre, so the player will want to build some better defences there once they have the money.