Le Chateau De Ponce

The Chateau De Ponce is an old, historic castle in the middle of the French countryside, and more importantly, the planned location of the third Haggis Factory.

It features two layers of walls on all sides but the North. All of the walls are accessible, for Scotsmen to rain porridge down from the battlements. Two oat fields are contained within the inner wall, two are within the outer wall, and another two are outside, making for a three tiered defence. If the player gets into trouble, they can withdraw into a safer tier, provided that they can afford to sacrifice the oat fields in the current tier.

Enemies spawn from all sides of the map, while the player starts in the centre. The cliffs surrounding the castle help the player by keeping the enemy's approach confined somewhat, and the walls help this further.

There are five ways into the outer wall of the castle; three gates, and two siege towers which enemies can climb. There are only two ways into the inner walls; the front gate, and a narrow plank of wood that the Scotsmen have set up as a makeshift bridge to give them access from the roof of the Haggis Factory onto the walls. These narrow entrance ways make perfect spots for the player to place the recently unlocked Fondue Hoses. However, they will have to be careful of Monks, who make their debut in this level, as their devastating holy-cross-toss is just able to out-range the Fondue Hose.