Its-a Venice

The Scots arrive in the canal city of Venice for their first encounter with the Italians. Here they will face two new enemies, the spicy-meat-a-ball throwing Italian chef, and the gladiator, whose shield protects him from frontal ranged attacks (more details next time). They will also encounter the first instance in the game of enemies riding boats.

While on boats, enemies will only be able to use ranged attacks against the Scotsmen, and will have nowhere to run and hide, making it a perfect opportunity to pick them off. The boats will travel to set locations, where the enemies will disembark.

In Venice, the player starts on an island with two oat fields. Two bridges connect the island to the rest of the map, and there is one landing site where enemy boats can land on the island. The other four oat fields are scattered throughout the rest of the map, in locations of varying difficulty to access and defend. The player will have to strategically defend the five landing zones as much as possible, and use the bridges as choke points when enemies do manage to establish themselves on the land.

The map provides some cover in the form of parked cars, and crates and barrels outside shops, although these will likely be of more use to the enemy than the Scotsmen. The long, straight approach of the boats along the canals provides great opportunity to pick off enemies with golf clubs, and having multiple enemies crammed into each boat will make area effect weapons like the porridge cannon and haggis catapult highly effective.