Its a Spicy Meat-A-Ball

It wouldn't be Italy without someone to cook the pasta or pizza or ravioli or lasagne etc. That's why the first enemy the Scotsmen encounter when they enter Italy is the chef.

The chef carries a pot full of spicy meat-a-balls to throw at the Scotsmen. They fire five meatballs in one shot, allowing them to damage several Scotsmen if they are too closely grouped. However, they can't throw as far as a Scotsman, and are slow to average in speed. They have high health for a ranged unit.

The Scotsmen also encounter gladiators throughout Italy. (Because the game takes place in all time periods at once for some reason). They are especially common in level 6 – Colosseum.

Gladiators are uniquely resistant to frontal ranged attacks because of their shield. Any projectiles that hit it bounce off harmlessly. It doesn't provide protection against exploding projectiles however, and it does slow them down somewhat, making them very vulnerable to the haggis catapult. They can do considerable damage in melee, so killing them before they reach your Scotsmen should be a high priority.