When in Rome - Build a Haggis Factory

As they travel further into Italy, the Scotsmen come across one of the world's most famous ancient landmarks – the Roman Colosseum. How could they not build a haggis factory there. Here they add a new hero character to their party, Julius Caesar (who I'll cover in the next post).

The player starts in the middle of the Colosseum, where they are sitting ducks against enemies on the higher levels. Also, only two of the oat fields are on the arena floor, so the player will need to move quickly to establish a foothold on the upper levels. There are nine entrances from which enemies spawn, so the Scotsmen will find themselves under assault from all sides. Fortunately, the uppermost levels on either side of the Colosseum have an oat field each, and no entrances, so the player can easily barricade some Scotsmen up there to hold them. The two oat fields on the second highest level will be the most difficult to hold. The newly unlocked Italian tower, the plumber pipe, will be vital in transporting Scotsmen quickly from the arena floor to the upper levels without having to go through enemy controlled areas (more on that another time).

I haven't quite finished with this level yet. I think it could do with some extra colour variation, which I'll add once I've done the light-mapping by manually painting some extra color onto the lightmap, and perhaps adding some more decals. Any suggestions are welcome as well.