Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar finds himself facing off against a gladiator rebellion one day at the Roman Colosseum. By an extraordinary coincidence, at that very moment, an airship full of Scotsmen arrives with the intention of building a haggis factory in the Colosseum. Caesar agrees to aid the Scotsmen in their mission, if they help him defeat the uprising. And that is how the Scotsmen acquire their third hero character during their World Tour. True story.

Julius Caesar is an expert in ranged skirmishes with enemy ranged units, as his shield protects him from enemy projectiles, and he can throw his javelin further and more accurately than regular Scotsmen can throw their porridge bowls. In melee he is less effective than Alfredo or Joan of Arc, but can still hold his own, fighting with a short sword. The best strategy is to put him somewhere that he has protection from melee combat, while still being in the thick of the projectile combat.