Haggis Catapults and Turnip Turrets

Greetings fellow humans.

So, I had been planning on showing the Italian tower, the plumber pipes today. The plumber pipes were essentially Mario pipes that let you instantly transport Scotsmen between distant parts of the map. For obvious reasons, I've been a little unsure of this tower, and while Flappy Bird may have gotten away with it, I really don't want to risk getting in copyright trouble. So I've decided to replace the plumber pipes with the “Pasta Portal,” which essentially does the same thing. I haven't made it yet though, so instead, this week I'll be showing off two of the towers making a return from the previous game: the Haggis Catapult and the Turnip Turret.

The haggis catapult throws exploding haggis over a long range, enabling you to decimate the enemy before they can reach your other units. The projectiles do splash damage, making it perfect for taking out groups of enemies (and incidentally, making it the only long range counter to the gladiator, whose shield effectively protects him from all other attacks apart from Fondue Hose, Whisky Bar and melee attacks). The splash damage also nullifies the benefits of any cover enemies are using.

On the downside, it has a low rate of fire, and its weight makes it very slow to rotate to face new targets, making it less effective for defending a wide front than its other long ranged cousin, the golf clubs. It also has a minimum range, and provides no cover, so it will quickly fall to ranged and melee units alike if not supported with other defences

The turnip turret is the pinnacle of technology in the Scottish arsenal. Its high rate of fire and ability to rotate quickly enable it to defend a large area from approaching melee enemies. It can fire further than Scotsmen, and most enemies, although its accuracy makes it less effective against more distant enemies, particular those in cover.

It is however, the most expensive tower, and with its low hit-points, it is something of a glass cannon. While it provides decent cover from the front, a lucky shot, or a hit from the side can easily take out the operator, enabling melee units to close in and destroy it very quickly. The player will need to make sure it is placed in a defensible position, and back it up with nearby Scotsmen to take over if the operator is killed. Placing it near a fondue hose or whisky bar will help protect it from melee units when it is not manned.