The Nile Delta

Having spent days without a fight as they crossed the Mediterranean, the Scotsmen finally arrive in Northern Egypt, at the Nile Delta. The fertile land makes it a perfect spot to grow oats and sheep lungs to produce haggis with, so they disembark to construct their first haggis factory.

The delta is a swampy area, with many islands separated by water. Traversable shallows link some of the islands, providing good defensive positions, and there are plenty of rocks and fallen logs to use as cover. Broadly, the level is set out in a V-shape, with the enemies starting at the top, and the player at the bottom. The further forward the player advances, the more oat fields they will be able to harvest, but the wider front they will have to defend, and the less time they'll get to pick off newly spawned enemies with long ranged weapons before they reach the player's line. The level introduces the Egyptian slave, and Egyptian God. The Egyptian slave is a cheap melee unit that sits between the Frenchman and the Nun in cost, speed and combat abilities, while the Egyptian god is an elite ranged unit that fires a bow and arrow with good range and accuracy. More on these in a future post. 

I've also spent some time this week working on splash effects. When units walk through shallow water, or a projectile lands in water, a particle and sound effect play, which I think really adds to the immersion. I've also sourced some more sound effects, so the battles are starting to take on that chaotic atmosphere that I'm after.