Gods (and slaves) of Egypt

The first two enemies the Scotsmen encounter in Egypt are the Egyptian slave, and the Egyptian god. Thought they may come from the same time period, they have vastly different combat abilities.

The Egyptian slave goes into battle completely unarmed, relying solely on hand to hand combat. While quite fast moving, they are easy to defeat in melee one on one. However, being cheap, the enemy can send a lot of them into battle quickly, so they can easily overwhelm you with numbers. Because of their low health, they can generally be defeated before they get close enough to attack, simply using your Scotsmen's default porridge bowl throwing attack.

The Egyptian god is almost the complete opposite of the slave. While the slave is a cheap cannon fodder unit, the god is an expensive, elite unit, combining a very long range with high health and strong attack. Their main weakness is their speed (they have to walk like an Egyptian after all), making them easy targets for golf tees and haggis catapults, which are the only towers that can shoot further than them. They are also quite accurate, making them an effective counter to front line towers such as the porridge cannon or fondue hose. Oatbag barricades on the front line, coupled with golf tees or haggis catapults placed further back are the best way to defeat them with minimal casualties.