Flying Carpets

So I know I still haven't done the Italian tower yet (I need to have pasta for dinner sometime so I can photograph the pasta portal texture), but I'll press on and talk about the Egyptian tower today regardless. The Egyptian tower is the Magic Carpet, an ingenious way of giving your Scotsmen an edge over enemies.

When a Scotsman steps onto a magic carpet, it ascends into the air, where thanks to the elevation, the rider will receive a range and attack boost (and enemies will need to get closer to be able to hit them too). The height also makes it easier to hit enemies in cover, since the porridge bowl can be thrown over the cover object. The rider is also completely inaccessible to enemy melee units, letting them get on with the job of throwing porridge unfettered.

The catch is that the rider is an open target to longer ranged enemies, such as the Egyptian God, so you'll need to make sure you have other towers capable of taking them out before they can knock the Scotsman off his carpet.

At only $25 each, the Magic Carpet is the cheapest tower available, but if used effectively, can be well worth the cost.