After having conquered the Nile Delta, the Scotsmen push ahead with their Egyptian campaign, launching an assault on the capital, Cairo.

The Scotsmen have set up their haggis factory in a market square close by the Nile River. The starting area contains two oat fields, and has only two narrow entrances, making a good inner defensive area to fall back to if things go bad. To the north is one oat field on the riverbank, where enemies will arrive by boat. It is a wide front to defend, but enemies in boats are easy targets. The other three oat fields are along a street to the south. On the West end of the street is an area of parkland, and on the East is a narrow alleyway, both of which contain enemy spawn zones at their far ends.

I've also been making a few changes to the basic game mechanics lately. The mechanic of constructing the factory had been bothering me for a while. It essentially meant that each level could go for an unlimited amount of time if the player chose not to work on the factory, which led to the player being able to stockpile ridiculous amounts of money and spam heaps of powerful towers. The only way to answer this was to have the enemy keep coming faster and faster, which of course leads to lag once you get hundreds of units on screen at once. So I'm eliminating that mechanic, going back to a system more like the first game, where the enemy would get a certain number of recruitment points to use in each level, with the player having to hold out until they've defeated all the enemies. The back story will now be that Alfredo is travelling to where Scottish expatriates have already constructed haggis factories, which the locals are determined to tear down.