Grand Canyon

Howdy partner – as the Americans would say, for today the Scotsmen finally reach the USA in their quest to liberate their countrymen from foreign oppression.

The Scotsmen make their first stop at a small family owned Haggis Factory in the grand canyon, whose owners are about to be deported. The bagpipe airship arrives minutes before the police can seize the factory owners, and Alfredo and his band parachute down to save the day. The Americans won't go down without a fight however, as they send in their most ignorant hillbillies and toughest football players (who really could throw a football over them mountains). More on these in next weeks post.

The map is essentially split into four tracks by ridges on the left and right, and the river running down the middle (although enemies can cross between the middle two tracks at the shallow water). Stationing Scotsmen on the two outer ridges will allow the player to pick off enemies approaching from below while being out of reach of melee attacks. However, to get the benefit of all of the oat fields, they will also need to send some Scotsmen into the centre as well.

I'm hoping to have a trailer ready in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.