Some Americans

Another big milestone in the development of Defend the Highlands World Tour was passed this week, in that we finished recording the voices for the rest of the characters (up until now we'd only recorded the Scottish voices). I had a blast listening to them as I edited, especially the Monty Python-esque French insults and the Australian accents. Anywho, here's some more characters, the American hillbillies and football players.

If there's one group of people in America that don't want foreigners in their country, it's hillbillies. Armed with shotguns, they can easily take down Scotsmen who aren't properly protected. Their range is slightly shorter than the throwing distance of a Scotsman however, so they are best countered by Scotsmen throwing porridge from behind cover.

While claims of their being able to throw footballs over mountains may have been exaggerated, they can still throw a football a good distance, and accurately too. Unlike most ranged enemies, they only perform one ranged attack as they approach, and then close in to beat up their targets. The player will need to combine a protective frontline of barricades to block their ranged attack, with a second line of close ranged attackers such as fondue hoses or whisky bars in order to efficiently counter them.